Our Story & Journey

our Story of kind clothing

TryKind Clothing came to fruition after a long journey of finding out all the problems in the fashion industry and feeling like I had to do something. From my degree to working in fast fashion brands to luxury accessories, I learnt firsthand some of fashion’s dirtiest secrets and, trust me, it ain’t pretty!

Feeling like I had to do something...

Never did I expect to find myself backpacking around Asia as a solo female traveller on a mission to change the fashion industry with kind clothing. It may sound glamorous but hitchiking in southern India to learn about organic cotton, trekking through jungles with ‘WARNING TIGER SIGNS’ to source dyes from a small artisan village, working with women who have the most heartbreaking stories to teach them vocational skills in a charity sewing centre and writing a business plan in the foothills of the Himalayas was as incredible as it was an emotional rollercoaster.

On a mission to change the fashion industry...

But we got here and learnt A LOT on the way. There IS a way to source organic cotton dyed with holistic natural ingredients with beautiful colours and made with loving hands by workers treated fairly. Women CAN be empowered by making clothes as long as we listen to their needs and involve them in the process. Check out our impact here. We WILL create colourful, comfy and cool clothing that is humankind, earthkind and creaturekind if you TryKind Clothing!

Love Alana XOX

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Founder Alana Redick's Story

Hear our Crazy Journey - from Indian train rides, jungles & tigers...


Upcycling saris in India

March 2019

Market research began at The Sambhali Trust – trialling upcycled kimonos from secondhand markets as our first step in our story of kind clothing. We worked alongside the Women’s Empowerment Sewing Centre who taught us how garment workers should be treated.

Market research India trains

June 2019 - December 2019

Travelling India to source organic cotton, research factories nationwide, learn about zero waste packaging and speak to workers in the supply chain.

Holistic natural dye centre worker

January 2020

Taking 2 local buses, 1 tuk tuk and a 15 minute trek through a Keralan jungle – we found what was our first supplier. An ayurvastra, holistic dye centre supporting local artisans called ‘The Handloom Weaver’s Development Society’. They dye our collections with organic herbs, barks, flowers and plants for healthy, kind clothing.

October 2020

After deciding on organic cotton, plant dyes and CMT factory we shot our first campaign. The aim of our shoot was to launch our Kickstarter and raise enough funds to be able to place orders with all our friends from our supply chain trip! One sample, 3 models, torrential rain and a fantastic team later, we did it…

women's empowerment

December 2021

After reaching our Kickstarter goal, finalizing production, designing the eco packaging and launching 2 more campaigns…

TryKind Clothing Officially Launched! The story of kind clothing is only just beginning…

Now you know our story of kind clothing why not find out how we are humankind, earthkind and creaturekind by learning about the positive impact of buying our clothes?