Mindful life hacks to make your clothes last longer

Buy less & make it last with these lifehacks that ensure your well spent TryKind treasures last.

Wash less & Wash Gently

You really don’t need to wash PJs, t-shirts or bras more than every 4-5 wears. Washing, drying and even leaving it in a crumpled heap in the dirty bag all has a wear and tear on the fibres of your clothes. Try to wash less.

When you do wash, use gentle detergent which doesn’t use chemicals like – ecover or smol. They won’t breakdown the fibres or even fade natural dyes if on a cool wash. Not only is it better for your clothes, it is better for your skin and the environment too.

Air dry & Hang out

Tumble drying your clothes is actually very rough on your beloved intimates. It shrinks them, it fades them and can even contribute to pilling or loosening threads. Air drying has many benefits including using the sun to help naturally remove lingering stains, disinfect damp laundry and even reduces wrinkling of natural organic fabrics!

Hand wash

Washing by hand may take longer but can be a mindful practice of TLC for clothes that you love and stops abrasive washes that make microscopic tears in clothes. If there is no time in your busy schedule for that, you can leave them to soak and come back for when you are ready! It also helps preserve fibres and uses waaaay less water (try 30+ litres).

EXTRA TIP: Iron with infused water

We are being a little extra in this extra tip but using a flower infused water is a little extra luxe that we sometimes all crave. We particularly love picking lavender and infusing water with the scent then ironing with this water or spritzing our PJs or bralettes with it. Not only does it feel extra soft and relaxing but it smells AMAZING too!