5 Ways to Love Fashion AND the Earth

Check out our 5 life-changing tips that everyone can use to love fashion and the planet through sustainable fashion, organic alternatives and everyday hacks!

5. Buy less, Choose Well & Make it last

Yes, this may be the most obvious one but, in short, the best thing you can do for your planet and your wardrobe is the ‘less is more’ mentality. Only buy products you know will be staples in your wardrobe for years to come and treat them like the good friends they are. Of course – to be even more sustainable that brand should be transparent with #whomademyclothes and #whatsinmyclothes. Just to be cheeky – TryKind Clothing does all of those things, find out here, so why not shop now

buy well choose kimono robes upcycled from saris
Plant based dyeing

4. Rated R

Reuse, rewear & recycle. A stitch in time saves 9 which is what my Grandma always used to say but to be honest back then I would just roll my eyes and be like ‘yeh yeh’ I am going to use this holey t-shirt as an excuse to go buy some new clothes. Except buying new disposable clothing really does cause problems to the earth and by simply repairing a little hole (that can take 5 minutes) can actually save gallons of water, CO2 emissions and pesticides from killing creatures. You can even use this repair as a way to revamp your style, like tie dyeing with natural dyes, get inspo from our holistic dye artisan’s ingredients. So there ya go *sigh* Grandmas are always right …

3. Bag it or smol it or nut it or oil it

Huh? Let us explain, so you already have a wardrobe of clothes that an eco-warrior may disapprove of but throwing them away and starting a fresh would be even worse. So what now? Keep them but wash less and wash smart. So when you use your washing machine; use cold water, wash less often, use smol eco tablets, soap nuts or essential oils and use a little thing called the Guppyfriend Bag! If you have synthetic fabrics in your clothes bag it in the guppyfriend and collect all the microplastics getting into the water. Life saver for our fishy friends! 

Tie dye diy sustainable

2. Get Creative and D-I-Y Coooooooool

Get old t-shirts and make them into a patchwork quilt or cushion cover for your apartment. Tie dye your geeky dad shirts and make them festival ready with cool colours like turmeric and indigo using 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water. Make your own washing detergent with flowers/baking soda/essential oils to smell yummy! Watch our TikTok videos for more inspo. Shop around in vintage stores, thrift shops and kilo sales for clothes that would otherwise be landfill.

1. Spread the word

Initiate a swap with friends (and never have to eye-up your BFF’s fave sweater again), chat to your Grandma about make do a mend for extra tips or simply show off your sustainable goodies on socials ‘OH YESSSSSSS I just revamped my coolest shirt #ecowarrior’ or ‘Wearing natural fabrics is making me glow #trykindclothing’. Okay – so we don’t want to be TOO preachy but why not share you living your best life because let’s face it if you can inspire just one person to buy one less piece of fast fashion or repair one tee or buy ethically from a small business then it can literally make all the difference #preach! 

Swap Clothes for sustainable earth friendly fashion